Jetts Australia

Here is an email blast designed exclusively for Jetts Australia’s thrilling 8-week challenge marketing campaign. The primary objective was to entice individuals to join the challenge, with an enticing top prize—a dream trip for two to the enchanting paradise of Hawaii.

To capture the essence of this captivating campaign, I employed a palette inspired by breathtaking sunsets—warm, vibrant hues that immediately transport the viewer to a tropical oasis. I adorned the top of the design with swaying palm trees and vibrant Hawaiian flowers, infusing a sense of allure and wanderlust. This visual approach aimed to captivate the audience’s attention and evoke a desire to embark on a journey of transformation.

Jetts’ branding primarily embraces the energetic colours of red, black, and white and I strategically these elements throughout the layout to maintain brand consistency and reinforce the gym’s identity. The red evokes a sense of dynamism and determination, symbolising the commitment to long-term change within the challenge. Black brings sophistication and strength, highlighting the seriousness of the endeavour, while white represents purity and clarity, reminding participants of the ultimate goal—improved health and well-being.

To convey the nature of the 8-week challenge, I carefully selected photographs showcasing both personal training and nutrition. These images aimed to inspire and educate, visually reinforcing the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits. By merging captivating visuals with informative content, the design effectively communicates the campaign’s underlying message: empowering the community to embrace positive lifestyle changes and prioritise their well-being.

With this email blast, my goal was to create a captivating composition that not only reflects Jetts Australia’s branding but also ignites excitement, encourages participation, and fosters a sense of community.