Sensory Psychedelics

In a world where substances like psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana, CBD, and other psychedelic substances are legal, Sensory Psychedelics operates as a company specializing in the sale and distribution of these products. It functions as a dispensary, providing a variety of psychedelic substances to individuals who are interested in exploring their potential benefits.

My role was to create compelling branding, design eye-catching social media graphics, develop captivating product packaging, and design an inviting store front.

Branding: I crafted a captivating and distinct brand identity. The logo reflects the company’s commitment to exploring consciousness and promoting well-being through psychedelic substances. I carefully selected colours, typography, and imagery that resonate with the target audience, capturing the essence of the psychedelic experience while maintaining a professional and approachable vibe.

Social Media: I developed visually stunning graphics for Sensory Psychedelics’ social media platforms. These graphics effectively communicated the brand’s message, promoting the positive effects of their products and fostering a sense of community among their followers. I utilized vibrant colors, psychedelic patterns, and engaging visuals to create an immersive and captivating social media presence.

Product Packaging: I designed captivating product packaging that adheres to legal requirements while showcasing the brand’s identity. The packaging is designed to stand out on dispensary shelves, attracting attention and conveying a sense of trust and quality. I incorporated psychedelic motifs, and carefully chosen typography to create a visually striking and informative packaging design.

Store Front: For Sensory Psychedelics’ physical location, I created a store front design that captures the essence of the brand, entices customers to step inside, and takes into consideration Canadian regulations. The design features large, illuminated signage that showcases the brand name and logo, making it easily recognizable from a distance. To maintain compliance with Canadian regulations, the windows are covered with custom designs that incorporate psychedelic elements while still maintaining privacy.

Through my communications and graphic design work with Sensory Psychedelics, I successfully brought their brand to life, ensuring consistency across branding, social media graphics, product packaging, and store front design. The result is a visually captivating and cohesive visual identity that resonates with the target audience and sets Sensory Psychedelics apart in the legal psychedelic industry.

Target Audience

Millenials, Gen Z


Branding, Social Media, Product Packaging, Store Front